Consortium Partner Toolkit

Thank you for supporting this important national movement to improve vaccine confidence across Canada. We have made incredible strides so far, but vaccine hesitancy in Canada is still at 21%. This is a pivotal moment for a final push to avoid a potential fourth wave and further lockdowns. We need your support to rally Canadians and encourage each other to replace vaccine hesitancy with confidence so that we can end the pandemic, together.  

This toolkit is designed to make it easy for you to support the campaign and promote your involvement in it. It includes the key information, messages and assets you need to amplify the This Is Our Shot to be #TogetherAgain campaign through your marketing channels and communications efforts.  

The What 

This Is Our Shot to be #TogetherAgain is a national campaign aimed at educating and inspiring Canadians to replace vaccine hesitancy with confidence. We’re using our collective resources and research-driven insights to reach specific hesitant and hotspot communities to ensure they have access to the facts and information needed to make informed decisions.    

The Who 

A consortium of three national hesitancy coalitions as well as Canadian businesses, associations, front line workers, community leaders and influencers rallying together over a shared goal of increasing vaccine confidence in Canada. 

The Why 

Without action, we remain at risk. While vaccination rates are steadily increasing and we’re making progress across the country, 21% of Canadians are still hesitant to get vaccinated. Reducing vaccine hesitancy in Canada will require broad impact at a national level, while addressing the unique concerns of the different communities with higher hesitancy.  

How You Can Help  

We all have a shared interest to drive vaccine uptake. We need Corporate Canada to work together to help turn the corner on this pandemic and move toward economic recovery; this is our shot at getting Canadians safely back together again. You can help by sharing this message far and wide through your channels and networks so we can better educate and encourage all Canadians to rally together as a country to get informed, take the vaccine, and keep the momentum going for getting second doses. Here are some tools to help you do that.